Sussex Cancer Centre

CIRU - Clinical Investigation and Research Unit

Clinical research is at the very heart of the NHS and is normally designed to help answer a specific question about a disease, its treatment, diagnosis and/or prevention.

The Brighton and Sussex Clinical Investigation and Research Unit (CIRU) is a £4 million state-of-the-art facility which offers a range of specialised equipment and resources to carry out clinical investigations, patient-centred research and research training. It is available for use by researchers from the regional health and academic sectors. It is a partnership between Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. The unit opened in September 2006 and has been developed to underpin the development of the medical school and Trust's research strategy.

As a hospital involved in research, we bring together academics and clinicians. As such, we facilitate the transfer of laboratory discoveries to changes in treatment and/or patient care.

The evaluation of new drugs – clinical trials – constitutes an important part of our work, as does the scientific study of factors affecting the health and illness of individuals. Clinical research may involve patients, healthy volunteers, and/or the study of health data, biopsy material, or blood.

The broad aims of research are to develop new treatments and medicines, prevent illnesses, improve quality of life, and improve our understanding of the causes and developments of medical conditions. Research is the only way that we can continually improve treatment for patients, and understand how to focus NHS resources where they will be most effective.

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