Sussex Cancer Centre

CT Simulator

What is CT Simulation?
Simulation is a process by which the radiation treatment fields are defined, filmed and marked out on your skin. The simulator is a large bore CT scanner that is used to contour your body. The images are then sent to our physics department who organise the radiation beams. Care is taken to make sure your position is as comfortable as possible to ensure accuratereproducibility.. Since people come in all shapes and sizes, very specific patient measurements need to be obtained.

What to Wear
It will be necessary to expose the area of the treatment site so the radiographer will ask you to change into a gown. It will be beneficial to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove.
Please remove all jewellery items before your scan

Once you are comfortly positioned on the scanner bed a member of staff may need to place some aids to help maintain your position. these come in the form of foam sponges, tape, headrests, moulds, casts. .

For some tratments - during simulation contrast can be given intravenously, with a needle through the vein, orally, or through a catheter. You will feel a warm sensation gradually through your body as the contrast is given and will pass quickly. This procedure would be done for simulation only, not for daily treatment, and requires no special preparation prior to your appointment.

Once you are in position and ready the staff will then turn the lights down and leave the room (remember, you can be seen and heard at all times). You will then notice a few things such as the appearance of laser lights and buzzing noises.
The table will move into the CT scanner and stop, there is ample room and you should not experience feeling claustrophobic or enclosed.