Sussex Cancer Centre

Cancer Facilities at our Partner Hospitals

We provide the Specialist Oncology consultations at Worthing General Hospital, Eastbourne General Hospital and The Conquest Hospital at Hastings.

Oncology Services at Eastbourne and Conquest Hospitals
(East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust)

Doctors from the Sussex Cancer Centre provide cancer care for Eastbourne District General Hospital and some care for the Conquest. At the Conquest, some of the cancer care is also provided by doctors from Maidstone General Hospital.

What if I need chemotherapy?
Eastbourne patients are treated on Pevensey Day Unit (Tel. 01323 435867).
Conquest patients are treated on the Judy Beard Unit (Tel. 01424 147030).
You will be given advice and 24-hour contact telephone numbers before you receive any treatment.

What if I need Radiotherapy?
Patients whose local hospital is Eastbourne DGH have radiotherapy at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton.
Patients whose local hospital is the Conquest have radiotherapy at Maidstone General Hospital.

What happens if I need to be admitted to hospital?
If you need to come into hospital then you will primarily be looked after by a medical or surgical team. A team of specialist nurses and doctors (the Acute Oncology Team) will provide advice alongside your key worker.

Sussex Cancer Centre Consultant Oncologists with clinics at Eastbourne:
1. Dr Duncan Gilbert – Colorectal and Uro-oncology
2. Dr Kate Lankaster - Gynaecology
3. Dr Caroline Manetta – Uro-oncology, Cancer of Unknown Primary and Acute Oncology
4. Dr Fiona McKinna - Colorectal and Uro-oncology
5. Dr Charlotte Moss – Breast, Cancer of Unknown Primary and Acute Oncology
6. Dr Jo Stokoe – Lung and Acute Oncology
7. Dr Sarah Westwell – Breast and Melenoma


Sussex Cancer Centre Consultant Oncologists with clinics at Conquest:
Dr Angus Robinson – Upper Gastrointestinal (oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver and bile ducts)

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Conquest, Eastbourne


Eastbourne District General Hospital


Telephone numbers - Chemotherapy

Eastbourne - Pevensy Bay Unit
01323 435867

Conquest - Judy Beard Unit
01424 147030


Telephone numbers - Radiotherapy

Royal Sussex County Hospital
01273 696955  Ext: 4799

01424 755255