Sussex Cancer Centre

Chemotherapy Department

Welcome to the Sussex Cancer centre Chemotherapy unit

The chemotherapy unit provides a day service for cancer patients requiring treatment. Almost all our chemotherapy and supportive treatments can be provided as a day case to prevent admission to hospital.

The chemotherapy unit is open 8am-7pm weekdays and has a total of 15 treatment chairs for patients requiring intravenous chemotherapy. However within the unit we also provide Oral chemotherapy clinics and supportive therapy clinics for patients not requiring chemotherapy. We averagely see around 50 patients a day for various different treatments, some of which can now be given at home.


Please check in at the chemotherapy reception desk upstairs for chemotherapy treatments. There is a lift available if you need one. If you are coming to the Sussex Cancer Centre for a clinic appointment, then check in at the main reception desk on the ground floor.

 We have an excellent team of nurses to look after you, all with a passion for this speciality of medicine. We are also training experienced nurses to become chemotherapy administrators; there is always a lot of teaching happening in our unit. The unit is run by myself Sophie O’Brien and I have 10 years’ experience in oncology. I have an excellent group of senior staff supporting the patients, the more junior staff and myself, thus enabling us to provide you with the best care.

We understand that this is a very difficult stage in your life and all the nursing team are here to help provide a calm reassuring presence. Our aim is to administer your treatment safely, expertly and with the minimum of discomfort possible.

We are here for you throughout your treatment to provide help and support where it is needed. Please feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have. 

Prior to receiving treatment you will have an opportunity to learn more about the specific drugs prescribed for you and any possible side effects that may happen, this normally takes up to 2 hours. From this appointment we will book all your chemotherapy appointments in advance so you can plan your day’s safe in the knowledge your treatments are all booked. Due to chemotherapy being so individual for each person you may have different times of the day to allow safe infusion time and assessment time for your needs.