Sussex Cancer Centre

Oncology Out-patients and Reception

The Oncology outpatients is in the main Cancer Centre on Bristol Gate Road (left on the road up to Accident and Emergency). New patient consultations, appointments to supervise chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments and follow up appointments happen here. A range of staff offer clinics based here: Consultants, treatment radiographers, chemotherapy specialist nurses and complementary therapy practitioners. Some clinics are run by one Consultant, many are joint clinics where a team of Consultants, Specialist doctors in training and other specialists such as nutritionists and specialist nurses provide care. The League of Friends operate a cafeteria in the waiting room.

All patients have a separate appointment slot. Due to the nature of oncology, clinics often run late. We believe in giving each and every patient the time they require. The nurses will keep you informed of any late running of clinics by an information board. Please feel free to ask the clinic nurses or one of our Outpatient volunteers for information. We have a pagers which can be borrowed if you want to leave the department temporarily.



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 Outpatient Bookings Office
(Queries related to all first
appointments to see the Oncologist)

01273 523454 Direct Line

8.30am – 5pm


Outpatient Reception 
(Queries related to all follow up
appointments in the Cancer Centre)

01273 664968  Direct Line

8.30am – 5pm


Outpatient Nurses
01273 696955  Ext: 4337

9am – 5pm