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The Volunteer.
More than 35,000 dedicated community volunteers deliver services that help older people live the life they want to. They make a massive difference within their communities and are committed to helping older people live independent and fulfilled lives.
Volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to make new friends and work as part of a team. Many of our volunteers feel a sense of belonging and of being valued, in fact our recent research has shown us that 60 per cent of Britons believe that volunteers play a vital role in the NHS.

Our coffee shop volunteers in Oncology


The Patient.
Sixty-three per cent of Britons agree that volunteers provide essential emotional support to patients when doctors and nurses are stretched for time. The help volunteers offer should not be underestimated - even to spend a little time to stop and have a chat can make a huge difference on the patient’s well-being especially if they have no one else to come and visit them or offer support. Many volunteers find volunteering in healthcare is rewarding because you can see improvements in the patients you support.
Our volunteers also provide a respite from regular daily hospital life, a connection with the world outside and a friendly face to rely on.

The Hospital.
We have 14,000 volunteers working in hospitals across England, Scotland and Wales providing vital support to patients, staff and visitors every single day of the year.  Many people have a close association with their local hospital and by volunteering are able to give something back in lieu of the support they may have received in the past.

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